Our Philosophy

Markets are not always efficient.  

  • Assets can be over-valued or under-valued, investors too optimistic or too pessimistic, markets overly ebullient or excessively fearful. 
  • Future economic, environmental, technological, and political disruptions are not always reflected in current valuations. 
  • Different company and industry characteristics, asset classes, and investment factors tend to be favored or disfavored in each part of the economic cycle.
  • The bulk of trading volume in today’s markets are very short term trades, asset allocation flows, and undiscriminating index (passive) trading.

Prices of stocks, bonds, and other securities can become detached from fundamental value. This provides opportunities for active investors.  

We believe that active security selection  provides an advantage. Also we believe in researching well-positioned sectors and industries, identifying high-quality companies with favorable growth prospects and growing markets, selecting securities with favorable return-risk profiles, actively and intentionally constructing portfolios designed for current and anticipated market conditions, and dynamically managing those portfolios over the economic cycle. We are not “passive” investment managers.

The core of our investment process is diversified portfolios of securities that we actively research, select, and manage. We use fundamental security analysis as well as quantitative models, economic analysis, and active allocation by sector and asset class. We use low cost funds and ETFs when appropriate, and very low risk and defensive assets when necessary. Our emphasis is on tax efficiency when applicable.


We manage investment portfolios. We work directly with individuals and families, their trustees, personal fiduciaries, institutions, non-profits and charitable foundations.


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