Our Fiduciary Responsibility

We are an independent Registered Investment Advisor, subject to the “fiduciary standard” and regulated by the Securities Exchange Commission.

Some financial advisors are held to the “suitability standard” which only requires advisors to give advice suitable for the client. It does not require advisors to recommend the best investment or the lowest-fee investment, and the advisor is not required to disclose compensation payments, commissions or conflicts of interest. 

We are held to the higher standard. Our “fiduciary standard” requires us to always act in the client’s best interest, disclose compensation arrangements, avoid conflicts of interest, and always place the client’s interests first.

As a general rule, we do not invest client funds in:

  • Investment products that would pay sales commissions to us. Our only compensation is our fee from you.
  • Annuities and whole life insurance. We avoid these and similar commission-driven products.
  • Proprietary investment products. We build portfolios selected from the broad universe of global securities, not from a limited set of proprietary funds.

Where Your Investment Account Is Held

Investment accounts are held in the client’s own name by major institutional custodians such as Schwab, Fidelity, and BNY Mellon Pershing. Those accounts are segregated from other client accounts and the custodian’s own funds. We do not ourselves take custody of client funds or hold client accounts in our own name. As our client, you provide the custodian with written authorization for us to manage your investment account. The authorization allows us to buy and sell securities in the account. You can revoke that authorization at any time with immediate effect, by contacting us or by contacting the custodian directly.

Clients receive mailed quarterly account statements directly from the institutional custodian, as well as our own statements and reports. Clients may view their accounts online at the custodian’s secure website, as well as at our own secure website. Clients may elect to receive notice from the custodian of all activity in their investment account.


How Your Funds Are Protected  

We cannot ourselves withdraw funds from client accounts, other than our fees.

You may elect to the custodian with written authorization for us to transfer funds from your investment account to your own bank account. We will make transfers only upon your direct instruction. You can revoke that authorization at any time with immediate effect, by contacting us or by contacting the custodian directly. You may also instruct the custodian to transfer funds from your investment account to your bank account.


Working with Other Advisors

Some clients retain us to invest funds for a trust overseen by an independent trustee. Other clients want us to work closely with their personal fiduciary, financial planner, attorney, chartered public accountant, and other trusted advisors.

You provide us with written authorization to work with your other advisors. This permits us to disclose account information to them. You may elect to authorize us to follow your other advisor’s investment directives and to make distributions from the investment account to your own bank account. You can revoke this authorization at any time with immediate effect.


Our Fees

Our annual investment management fee is a percentage of the client’s total assets under our management

The percentage declines as the client’s assets rise. Multiple accounts of the same individual, immediate family or organization are aggregated to determine the percentage. 

  • Assets managed, up to the first $2 million: 1.00%
  • Additional assets managed, from $2 million to $5 million: 0.80%
  • Additional assets managed, greater than $5 million: 0.60%

Our fee is deducted from the investment account, monthly in arrears, and reported in your account statement. We do not receive sales commissions or other hidden compensation.



We manage investment portfolios. We work directly with individuals and families, their trustees, personal fiduciaries, institutions, non-profits and charitable foundations.


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